Meet Stinky

This is my current kitty. I got him and Joe from the same shelter in March 2003. They had no history on either of them or even what their names had been. Stinky had been found by a landlord in an abandoned rental house with several other cats left to die. Stinky was only 7 pounds butStinky is a growing boy (about 3 years old now) and is now over 16 lbs and still growing. I named him "Stinky" because he had a parasite that cause him to have the runs when I first got him and on the three hour ride back from the shelter he crapped all over himself in the carrier and was covered head to toe so his first memory of being in my house is of being washed off and thus the name "Stinky".

Some more pictures of Stinky:

Stinky fresh after his first bath

Joe and Stinky