Centre Channel Speaker

Completed Centre Channel Speaker

The Centre Channel Speaker under construction

I also decided to use conventional drivers in the center channel speaker construction for now. I will eventually build a ESL panel to replace the midrange and tweeter that will sit horizontally on top of this cabinet. I used 2 Dayton 8" woofer drivers crossed over at 800hz, a Dayton 2" dome midrange crossed over at 4500hz and a Audax 1" silk dome tweeter. I used a 3&3/8th by 8.5" port. The cabinet is 30"X10"X12" made of 1" MDF and is 1.3 cubic feet. The unit is setup for Bi-Amping and I will be using a Carver TFM45, one channel for the woofers and the other channel driving the midrange and tweeter which are passively crossed over. I am using a Tapco active crossover ahead of the Carver amp.

Note: I will be retiring this centre channel speaker soon even though it sounds fine. I am building an ESL centre channel to match the ESL front speakers. That way it will all be "voiced" alike. I will add pictures and more info as I get them completed.