Home Theatre Project

Barco 801 projector

Dalite 96" X 72" Type "B" Matte screen

This is my current Home Theatre project that is now almost completed. I finally retired the speakers I had designed and built in 1994 and decided to design and build speakers for an entire home theatre setup. I am an audiophile in addition to being a videophile and wanted something that would give optimum stereo reproduction in addition to great surround sound for watching movies. I decided to use Electrostatic drivers for the front channels and conventional drivers for the others. I've owned many ESL's before such as Martin Logan CLSz's, Acoustat 3's and 4's and Koss 2's and 1A's and I feel they are the best for serious listening and can have incredible detail and soundstage. The previous main speakers I built in 1993 using Carver Platinum Ribbons for 200hz and up, 6 Seas 6.5" drivers a side in a line array for 400hz to 75hz and 2 Versatronics 12" drivers a side for 75hz and under. They gave me years of great listening and finally decided it was time to start over using ESL's for the mains. The Carver Ribbons are nice when properly setup but are a little to sterile and almost harsh at times and have a high end roll off requiring the use of a super tweeter or active equalization to compensate for it.

The below links contain descriptions and photos of the various speakers and equipment I am using.

Some of my earlier speaker projects

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The Equipment

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