The Equipment

The Denon 460 Tuner, Dynaco ProCD, Citation 7.0 and Revox B215



Here is the equipment currently in use for this home theater project:

Citation 7.0 Preamp/THX Decoder

Technics AC500D DTS/AC3 Decoder

Denon 460 FM Tuner

Dynaco ProCD HDCD tube CD Player

Audio Research SP6B(modified) tube preamp

7 Carver TFM series power amps

2 - Tapco EX18 18db/octive 2 way active crossovers

Rotel RQ 970BX MM/MC Phono preamp

2 - Empire 598III turntables

Various cartridges

VPI Record Cleaning machine

Revox B215 cassette deck

Revox B710 cassette deck

Akai 747 Reel to Reel

Crown 722 Reel to Reel

Barco 801s Video projector

DVDO iScan Line Doubler

Toshiba SD3109 DVD player

Pioneer Elite CD59 LD player

Panasonic AG7300 S-VHS pro vcr

2 - JVC BR7000UR pro vcr's

Sony SL1800 pro Beta vcr

DBX DAV-600 video switcher

DBX 400X audio switcher