Surround Speakers

2 of the 4 completed surround speakers

A Surround speaker under construction

I decided to use conventional drivers in the surround speaker construction. I am using a Citation 7.0 THX decoder that uses 4 surround speakers instead of the usual 2 used by most home theaters (7.1 instead of 5.1). These speakers will only be active during TV/Movie viewing. They are 36" X 8" X 9" total dimensions made with 1" thick MDF cabinets and a volume of 0.88 cubic feet. I designed them as so they would be the right height for mostly seated listening. I used 2 Dayton 6.5 woofers and a 1" Vifa silk dome tweeter in a MTM arrangement. After much experimenting they sound best crossed over at 1800hz. I used a 2.5" port 6.85 inches long tuned for 42.6 hz. The F3 is around 46hz. They sound to good to "waste" as surround only speakers and they would make great front speakers also but in my setup they will just be surrounds. I will be using 2 - Carver TFM35x power amps to drive these.