The Subwoofers

Completed Subwoofer

The Subwoofers and a Surround under construction

One of the problems with using Electrostatic (ESL) speakers is that its tough to add a subwoofer and make a seemless transition between to do because of the ESL's being so "fast" and resonance free. Also my ESL's only go down to 200 hz which is to high to crossover to a large woofer with good results. A midbass tower will be used for 200 hz down to 60 hz. These subs will be used mostly for Home Theater modes mainly. These cabinets are a 20" cube made of 1" MDF, 4" X 12.10" rear port, each using a Dayton 15" woofer crossed over at 60hz. A Carver TFM55x with a Tapco active crossover is used for these.